Percussion Instruments
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Wooden Claves/ Rakau Sticks #1828
A pair of solid beech rakau rhythm sticks are just the right size for small hands. Ideal use for ..
Gnocchi Board (Rubberwood) #6257
20cm long gnocchi board. Create special effects with paint using it. Also can be used for..
Maracas - mini with handle #1852
Colourful beads create a beautiful sound. Great for small hands. 10cm in length. Sold sin..
Maracas - Egg Single small #5538
Small plastic egg maracas in various colours. Size: 6 x 4 x 4cm ..
Tambourine plastic - Toysmith #4168
Colourful tambourine with four cymbals. 10cm ..
Double Agogo #1812
Two lengths of wooden guiro blocks on a handle for different sounds. Overall length 26cm. ..
8" Headless Tamborine #1868
Wooden tamborine with 6 sets of clappers. ..
Castanet wood single #3347
6cm wooden castanet in 2 different colours. Sold singly. ..
Maracas wood oval 9 single #1855
Single 23cm long wooden maracas. Very high quality. ..
Drum - Solid Plan Toys #1838
This colourful wooden drum provides different tones. The drumstick included has a natural rubber ..
Tulip Block #1871
Very high quality wooden tulip block. Size: 24cm long. ..
Rainmaker Wooden - Hape #6792
Beaded Raindrops Turn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant trickling beads ..
Beater - single wooden tip #1822
21cm long bamboo stick with 2cm round knob. ..
Drum - Marching (Trade Aid) #7596
This small marching drum is decorated with colourful dots and comes with two drum sticks. Siz..
Ti Rakau Maori Wooden Stick Game #7816
Two pairs of wooden rakau rhythm sticks are just the right size for small hands. Ideal ..