Adult Teaching Resources
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Getting started with Schemas - by Nikolien van Wijk #4024
Revealing the wonder - full world of children's play. PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY BEI..
Dance Upon a Time - CD - Tanya Batt #1743
This is to compliment the book "Dance upon a Time". The stories are: The Old Woman who lived in a..
Magic Places - Pennie Brownlee 2015 Edition #1941
Magic Places is a guide book for parents and teachers of children up to 10 years of age. It outli..
Recipes for Messy Play #5880
Messy Play is not only tons of fun; it also offers so many opportunities to learn. Through engagi..
Equipment for Playcentre 2016 #3711
This book is a practical resource for Playcentre and lists basic play equipment necessary in over..
Woodwork Wizardry - Nic van Onselen #1963
Carpentry is often an area that is neglected in a centre. This book gives information on safe, ap..
Work And Play In The Early Years - Gwen Somerset #1962
They're just playing or are they? This book shows just how much children learn while at play and ..
Kiwi Kids can Cook #2143
A resource book for individualised cooking as well as recipes and ideas your children can use at ..
Dance Upon a Time Book - Tanya Batt #1931
Allow Tanya's effervescent enthusiasm and expertise to guide you through renewed thinking where d..
Rhyme & Reo: aeiou - Jessica Ngatai #6676
Celebrating te reo Māori, one of the official languages of Aotearoa soon to be released Rhyme &a..
Earthen Treasures - Shelley Hancock #1927
You need no longer put clay play in the "too hard" basket. This book describes the benefits to be..
Making Music Together - Maureen Woodhams #4377
A hands-on and practical guide to providing musical experiences in early childhood settings. It w..
Inspired to Build - Maureen Woodhams #3774
"Children love blocks. They love to build and knock down and build again. There is something extr..
Creative Collage - Shelley Hancock #1928
Is collage that tired, old, messy area in your Early Childhood centre - the one that you shove an..
The World in your Sandpit - Bernard Woodhams #5572
This book describes how children make use of sand in their play. It explains principles for d..