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Scales with plastic buckets #1992
Sturdy New Zealand made wooden balance scales with 0.9L plastic buckets. Simplest type of scales ..
Egg Timer - D.Line #4232
Natural wood egg timer with 3minutes of sand. ..
Water Timer - Liquid Motion Bubbler #3191
Watch as the coloured drops zig and zag throughout their respective chambers in this desktop toy...
Block Scale #3820
Water Timer - S-Shape Liquid Timer #4828
Watch the two colours drop down and slide through the water. Then turn it over and start again. T..
Balancing Eagle TWO ONLY LEFT #3117
Put the beak of the eagle on the stand and watch it balance as if by magic. Try it on the tip of ..
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Water Timer - slide and wheel #3194
Watch the bubbles run up the slope and the colour run down and spin the wheel. Then turn it over ..
Water Timer - mini liquid #3390
Hour glass shaped mini water timer. Use it to take turns during play time. 7cm high ..
Water Timer - Slim Liquid Motion Bubbler #7276
Watch the two colours drop down through the water. Then turn it over and start again. Measures: 1..
Water Timer - spiral 15cm #3391
Watch the colour run down the spiralling slope and see the bubbles make their way up to the top. ..
Newton's Cradle 11.5cm - Toysmith #6568
Newton's Cradle is a science toy classic! Also known as balance balls, these steel balls keep you..