Human Body
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Mother, Pregnancy - Birth Layer Puzzle - Beleduc ONE LEFT ONLY #4493
The formation of a child and the course of a pregnancy are often not quite so easy to explain. Th..
Boy layered dressing - Beleduc ONE LEFT ONLY #2454
5 layer puzzle showing a boy from skeleton, internal organs, muscles, skin to dressed. By Beleduc..
Stethoscope #1254
All little doctors and nurses need a stethoscope! With this professional-looking Junior Stethosco..
The Human Body Placemat #2118
The human body placemat illustrates the various systems of the body with its corresponding organs..
Girl layered dressing - Beleduc ONE LEFT ONLY #3568
5 layer puzzle showing a girl from skeleton, internal organs, muscles, skin and dressed. By Beled..
All About Me - Match It! - Learning Journey #3315
Match It - All About Me introduces parts of the body in a fun way. Each card has two pieces - a p..
Skeleton with Stand #3179
Real life model on a stand. Made from durable plastic. Stands 38cm tall. ..
EC My Body #6982
"Eyelash", "Nose".......Brilliantly coloured and easy to follow pictures with names, the My Body ..
Human Organs - Kidzlabs 4M #7158
Try your hand at physiology! Learn human body science while having fun. Make interesting models a..
Human Body 200pc Floor Puzzle - SASSI Science #7742
Take a fascinating tour of the human body. How does your respiratory system work? What kind of bo..
Human Torso Anatomy - Kidzlabs 4M #7159
Be a junior surgeon! Study the specially designed human torso, which comes with a compact carryin..
Human Anatomy Model - 27cm - 8 Pieces #6061
• Hand Painted in Vivid & Natural Colours • 8 Dissectible Parts • ABS Base ..
X-Ray Projector - Kidzlabs 4M #7610
Discover the human body with this amazing X-ray projector. See through the 8 human structures wit..
Human Skeleton - Kidzlabs 4M #7499
Build a full human skeleton set, complete as glow magnets. Learn how the skeleton supports our bo..