Figures (Fantasy)
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Magic Unicorn - Papo #744
A legendary creature, the unicorn has held a fascination for mankind since time immemorial, and e..
Nitaya - Schleich #6805
The colourful Rainbow Fish Nitaya swims happily in the waters of the Rainbow River. It likes to j..
Pegasus Black - Papo #7370
A legendary winged horse, the Black Pegasus is a friend to muses and elves. It carries them into ..
Enchanted Garden Fairy Door #7533
Available in pink or purple this charming fairy door is a magical gift for any fairy fan. Great a..
Iloris' Bear - Schleich #7562
Recently, a veil bear started living in the tree behind Iloris' house. He flits amongst the branc..
Flock of Unicorns - Tiger Tribe #7706
The ultimate in pocket sized portable play — now you can take your Flock of Unicorns EVERYWHERE..
Nalenja Mist Dove - Schleich #7703
For some time now, the small, colourful mist dove has been visiting its friend, the elf Nalenja, ..
Ice Unicorn - Papo #7705
One of the new models in the Papo Fairytale range is the Papo Ice Unicorn. Papo manufacture w..