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Boy with Frisbee - Schleich TWO LEFT #5237
The boy throws the Frisbee as far as he can. His little mixed breed chases after him for hours. ..
$8.65 $2.00
Give Way Sign - Metal 18" THREE LEFT #4117
45cm high metal sign. Ideal for reinforcing road rules and controlling ride-ons in a childhood se..
$32.90 $19.95
Push and Go Teddy - Tolo ONE ONLY LEFT #3694
Push down on the Teddy's head and let it go! Develop your child's awareness of movement, imaginat..
$29.95 $20.00
Pets - Learning Resource - ONE ONLY #3087
Most homes and Early Childhood centres keep pets. This pack looks at four of the more commonâ..
$34.30 $23.50
Balloon Pump THREE ONLY LEFT #869
Double action balloon pump. Product differs from that pictured ..
$4.00 $2.50
Antelope - Papo TWO ONLY #4204
Papo, figurines painted by hand. A complete world of knights, animals, historic and fantastic cha..
$14.75 $10.00
Djeco Tactile Puzzle - Farm ONE ONLY #6952
Founded in 1954 in the heart of Paris, Djeco is one of the top toy manufacturers in Europe. Becau..
$34.10 $25.00
Fairytale Princess - Gollygo ONE SMALL ONLY #1134
Satin shirred bodice with puff sleeves and a Satin with a tulle ruched skirt. Gollygo & F..
$58.70 $35.00
I Love Lemonade - by Mark & Rowan Sommerset THREE ONLY #7120
The outrageous follow-up to the Award-winning "Baa Smart Sheep." After being tricked into eat..
$19.00 $12.00
Telescope - Explorer ONE ONLY #4497
Telescope with optics with 5 elements for a perfect view of distant objects. Supplied with o..
$24.70 $20.00
A Hot Cup of Chocolate - Rose Stanley TWO ONLY #6678
Johan’s thinks that most problems can be solved by having a ‘magical’ cup of hot chocolate...
$19.95 $13.00
Pegs spring clip - coloured TWO ONLY LEFT #956
40 x 5cm wooden spring clip pegs. ..
$3.60 $2.20
3D Mirascope ONE ONLY LEFT #3701
You won't believe your eyes! The 3-D Mirascope creates a hologram image that looks completely rea..
$10.50 $6.00
Mini Geosolids - LER ONE ONLY LEFT #7187
Includes 1 each of 8 mini 3D shapes: triangular prism, rectangular prism, hexagonal prism, cube, ..
$13.90 $9.00
Tilly's Big Problem - Rose Stanley ONE ONLY #6679
When Tilly’s problem gets too much for her she confides in her friend Ned, who is pretty great ..
$19.95 $13.00