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Hape - Super Expansion Rail Pack #7127
Expand your Hape Railway line to the next town over! This variety of straight and curved track wi..
Hape - Battery Powered Engine #7125
This little engine chugs along on its lonesome with a lamp lighting the way. A touch of a button ..
Hape - Steam-era Passenger Train #7301
It's morning and time for everyone to get to work! Push your steam-era locomotive and its bright ..
Hape - Lifting Bridge #7322
This Lifting Bridge allows tall cars and trucks to pass safely underneath when trains are not rum..
Hape - Diesel Freight Train #7303
Push this diesel freight train along the track to transport loads to market! The train's freight ..
Hape - Tactile Animal Train #7464
This animal-themed train will delight little eyes and hands. The hedgehog features a fun-to-touch..
Hape - Big Engine Shed #7321
After a long day chugging and whistling along, give your train engines a break. Pull them into th..
Hape - Steam-era Freight Train #7302
Chug your way along the track with this classic steam-era freight train! With a black engine and ..
Hape - Automatic Gates Rail Crossing #7444
Keep toy cars, trucks, and pedestrians safe when a train rumbles through town with this automated..
Hape - Triple Tunnel #7304
Add gates and tunnels to your train set with ease! Three tunnels of different sizes mix up existi..
Hape - Waterfall Tunnel #7445
Safely drive your train through the tunnel as a mighty waterfall tumbles down from above! When th..
Hape - Adjustable Rail Turntable #7449
Drive your train onto the turntable and twist the big red knob to choose one of six track directi..
Hape - Mechanical Railway Signals and Track #7447
Be the controller and tell your trains to stop or go with this set of mechanical signals and trac..
Hape - Passenger Train Set #7849
Red means stop, green means go! Teach kids about safety signals with this figure of eight rail se..