Metal Shovel- Seconds NINE ONLY LEFT #3036
New Zealand made wooden handled metal shovel. Ideal for the sand pit. Last stock available. G..
$25.60 $22.80
Pets - Learning Resource - ONE ONLY #3087
Most homes and Early Childhood centres keep pets. This pack looks at four of the more commonâ..
$34.30 $23.50
Stamps - wooden farm animal individual Pintoy SPECIAL WHILE STOCKS LAST #3840
Comes in either a frog, bird, chicken or duck. Each wooden animal stamp has been beautifully made..
$5.95 $4.70
Tilly's Big Problem - Rose Stanley ONE ONLY #6679
When Tilly’s problem gets too much for her she confides in her friend Ned, who is pretty great ..
$19.95 $13.00
MARABU Fashion Spray 100ml EIGHT ONLY LEFT #7140
Design your own favourite style of fabric with the Marabu Fashion range - from cool street style ..
$11.70 $6.50
Junior Engineer - Gigo - Crazy Monsters 15 piece ONE ONLY #7070
Create an assortment of models by combining components. Directions provided for 3 beginner models..
$14.25 $10.00
Bug View Catcher - Carson #6652
The HU-10 BugView™ from Carson Optical is a "one-hand" bug catching tool. Its thumb operated tr..
$15.55 $14.30
Dolly Pockets Little Red Riding Hood Doll #7414
Classic children's characters with pockets full of fun include three stowaway removable mini-pupp..
$42.25 $25.00
Supermaze Maze - Hape TWO ONLY #6735
Squiggle, swoosh, shimmy, and slide. Make beads dance through this endless maze. Fine Motor S..
$115.90 $99.00
Coral Fish - Schleich SIX ONLY #7802
Scenery pack containing three fish, a reef and aquatic plants box size: 19cm x 17cm x 5cm ..
$19.95 $14.95
Tumbledown Lion #3397
Watch the wooden Lion tumble down the tree. Lion and Tiger also available. Product size:..
$28.50 $19.00
Tennis Bat - Orbit SIX ONLY #5437
Sturdy multi-use bat. Bright plastic Orbit Bat made from top quality polypropylene. Use as a extr..
$9.60 $4.95
Rory's Story Cubes Actions-Gamewright TWO ONLY #5109
1 or more players Playing time: 15 minutes No reading required 9 cubes ..
$19.00 $12.00
Bowling Set in a Bag - Safsof ONE ONLY #5233
This Bowling ball set comes from a range of foam rubber toys designed and produced to support chi..
$41.80 $30.00
NZ Hanging Map Maori ONE ONLY #7485
Dimensions: 600 x 800mm ..
$38.00 $25.00