ABC Wall Frieze New Zealand (black-red)- Nuzilla ONE ONLY LEFT

$15.00 $20.90

This alphabet wall frieze is designed for kiwi kids, and features funky artwork of new zealand icons . This wall frieze comes in a nicely designed package that's easy to post inside an A4 envelope - great for sending to friends and family. The are two letters on a card tile, allowing you to make any number of different arrangements on the wall - from a long row that goes around the room, to a unique zig-zag or vertical pattern. You choose! It's printed on quality card and sealed for UV protection. You put it up on the wall using blue-tack, which is way simpler, less toxic and more sensible than sticky wall vinyls (they contain PVC - you just have to smell them to know how bad that stuff is!). From an educational perspective, we illustrate our products with NZ content to make learning the alphabet more engaging and contextual - kids make sense of learning much faster if they can identify and understand the content that they engage in. 'I for igloo' just doesn't work down under!