Code Hopper - Mindware FOUR ONLY AVAILABLE


Code Hopper teaches the advanced concept of algorithmic thinking. First, kids learn sequencing where the Action mats tell your child what to do. When your child puts them in a sequence, he or she creates the "program" which she executed by hopping along the mats. Then, they'll learn about conditionals with Yes and No mats that extend the programming to include decision making. The Yes and No mats "branch" off, so the path your child will take may change based on the conditions. Finally, they'll learn about repetition, which allows computers to repeat actions thousands of times with the same results.

  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Approx package dimensions: 33 x 33 x 14 cm
  • Contents: 12 two-sided mats, parent guide
  • Kids learn computer programming fundamentals, decision making and large motor skills