Common Bugs - Learning Cards


A learning card pack featuring 40 brightly coloured photos of New Zealand native and introduced bugs, with English and Maori names on the backs of the pictures. Ideal for language, numeracy, colour recognition, auditory development and sequencing activities. Contains teacher / adult guide. Bugs featured: bumble bee, cave weta, centipede, chorus cicada, common house fly, common midge, damselfly, drone fly, eleven spotted ladybird, European earwig, grass grub, grass grub beetle, grey house spider, harvestman, honey bee, hover fly, huhu beetle, huhu grub, ladybird larva, magpie moth, meadow spittle bug, metallic green ground beetle, monarch butterfly, monarch butterfly chrysalis, native cockroach, NZ blue blowfly, NZ praying mantis, NZ vegetable bug, red admiral butterfly, rose aphids, sand fly, snail, slug, southern tussock grasshopper, stick insect, tree weta, white butterfly, white butterfly caterpillars, whitetailed spider, woodlice. Te Whariki links: Communication Goals 2,3 & 4; Exploration Goals 3 & 4Science Achievement Levels: L1.1 & 2 Each card is 148 x 105 mm, ready for trimming and laminating