Dancing In A Circle CD - Julie Wylie


CD with circle games and dances compiled by Julie Wylie. The songs on this CD are: Circle Song; Good Day Song; Ring a Ring A Rosy; Looby Loo; Pop goes the Weasel; Kanikani (Hokey Tokey); Hava Nagela; We're Floating Down the River; Pass Around the Rainbow Ring; Shoo Fly; Dudel Sack Polka; Haere Mai Ki te Porowhita; Coming Round the Mountain; Follow Me; Walking with the Parachute; Clap your Hands all Together; Rig-a Jig-jig; Hungarian Dance; Old Brass Wagon; Katiusha; Beat and Rhythm; Rychle; Broken Down Van Rap; Manu (Bluebird); My Pigeon House.