NZ Birds Learning Cards - Educational Solutions


BILINGUAL TITLESA learning card pack featuring 40 brightly coloured photos of New Zealand native and introduced birds, with English and Maori names on the backs of the pictures. Ideal for language, numeracy, colour recognition, auditory development and sequencing activities. Contains teacher / adult guide.Birds featured: banded dotterel, bellbird, black swan, black-backed gull, blackbird, blue penguin, brown kiwi, Canda goose, dunnock, fantail, goldfinch, grey warbler, harrier hawk, house sparrow, kaka, kea, little shag, magpie, mallard duck, morepork, mute swan, myna, pied oystercatcher, pied stilt, pukeko, red-billed gull, robin, royal albatross, silvereye, song thrush, spur-winged plover, starling, takahe, tomtit, tui, welcome swallow, white-faced heron, rock pigeon, weka, wood pigeon. Te Whariki links: Communication Goals 2, 3 & 4; Exploration Goals 3 & 4Science in the NZ Curriculum: L1 1 & 2Each card is 148 x 105 mm, ready for trimming and laminating.