Smartmax Discovery - My First Acrobats



Familiarize your toddler with magnetism, colour matching, stacking, and more with My First Acrobats. This charming spatial reasoning game uses shapes, silhouettes, and magnetism as an early introduction to building and engineering concepts.

Using a mirror base and the oversized pieces, My First Acrobats has your child rotating, moving, and positioning colourful pieces. These elements are crucial to developing a toddler’s spatial skills. Plus, research suggests that children develop better spatial skills when building structures, especially when given a picture to recreate. The 18 vibrantly coloured challenges clearly indicate where your child should stack each of the nine multicoloured pieces (including three charming and distinct faces). Also included are six more advanced challenges that picture simple silhouettes.
My First Acrobats reinforces colour and shape recognition, planning and logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, balance and stacking, creativity, and magnetic discovery.


All components are 100% compatible with all other SMARTMAX products.

1 - 5 years