Sounds Fun CD by Helen Willberg ONE LEFT


The songs on this CD are: Indian Song; Flea Fly Mosquito; Drum Talk; The Band; I can Fly; I'm a Great Big Tiger; Swim Little Fish; Golden Corn; Moe Moe Pepe; Once I saw a Little Bird; Marching, Marching; Oh We can Play on the Big Bass Drum; Ride Cowboy, Ride; Fire, Fire; Hurry, Hurry; Dr Knickerbocker; Go, Car Go; Close your Eyes; Dingle Dangle Scarecrow; Savalivali; Koa Koa Koa; Annabeline; Skinnimarinky; Who has seen the Wind?; Flash, Flash; Gallop Away; Giddiup; As we March Along; I'm a Witch; See How I'm Jumping; Hey, Betty Martin; It's Time to Say Goodbye.