Winston's World: The Beach by Sue Allison/Debby Heard

Winston, a miniature long-haired dachshund, wants to impress his friends on his first day at the beach, but when you are a small dog in a big new place, sometimes it is an effort just keeping up. Winston's World is a photographic children's story book. While it is aimed at children aged 2 to 9, it has wider appeal among teenagers, adults and dog lovers at large. The sepia photographs are printed on dark chocolate brown paper. The result is a stylish and beautiful children's book with a photograph album effect. Photographs range from expansive sweeps of beach, sea and forest to close-up expressive shots of the three dogs. The text is simple and poignant, designed for early readers without being childish. The words complement the photographs without interpreting them. Winston's World was shot on 35mm film at Waikuku Beach and Greta Valley, North Canterbury, New Zealand. All photographs are as they happened. They are real dogs in real situations.