Buy Eco-Friendly, FSC Certified, Creatively Designed Hape Toys in NZ

Are you looking for toys that don’t inhibit kids’ intuitive play processes by being language, gender, or culture-specific? The Playcentre Shop in Christchurch supplies Hape toys in NZ according to strict Chinese, European and U.S. safety and quality standards.

Take Your Pick from Our Many Hape Wooden Toys

Hape uses wood sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests employing sustainable practices that provide economic, social, and environmental benefits to local populations. German manufacturers supply most materials, including the solvent-free paints used to colour their fun, educational, innovatively designed, and meticulously manufactured playthings.

Consider buying African, Asian, and Caucasian doll families consisting of a grandpa, grandma, mum, dad, sister, and brother. Give your toddler the toys to visualise social interactions and play out real-life scenarios.

If your little one is still in diapers, the Apple Grab Toy rattle with a silicone frame and wooden inside promotes hearing and suits babies three months and older. The babies also enjoy the rainmaker. They can turn over and shake the easy-grip toy containing trickling beads that make soothing raindrop sounds to stimulate and develop the senses.

Stimulate Play and Creativity

Do your youngsters enjoy creative pursuits such as cooking, baking, and building? If so, they may enjoy pretend-baking with the Mix & Bake blender, flour and sugar packets, a bowl, and a moving blender.

Expose them to other cuisines with the Udon noodle cooking set comprising ingredients, chopsticks, and a dish. For the more practical kid, we have a bricklaying set with a hand-held spade, levelling trowel and brick mould.

You can’t lose with traditional toys such as stacking toys. They encourage kids to create shapes, use their imaginations, and figure out how things work. Our Hape Safari Elephant and Arctic Polar Bear stacking blocks develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and spatial relationships.

Love, Play, and Learn with Hape Toys in NZ

Children learn through play, and Hape provides toys that excite kids and inspire parents to find new ways to communicate with their little ones while getting involved in their learning process. Give your youngsters the gift of play and let them explore how life and the world works through doing what they love.

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160 results