Ride ons - Individual

Choose Kids’ Ride on Toys to Promote Movement and Develop Co-ordination

Your child’s first steps are a milestone. Our unique selection of kid’s ride-on toys can support the process by playfully encouraging balance and stability.

Choose a Trusted Brand

Our Mini Flip Wishbone Bike models cater to kids as young as nine months, serving as a rocker and a ride-on in one innovative design. The Wishbone Trike supports kids up to age five, providing a foundation for bike riding.

The Hape Learn to Ride Kids Balance Bike is the ideal successor, designed to effectively support your child’s sense of balance in a stress-free and fun approach.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Design

The Wishbone brand follows an environmentally friendly production process, maintaining its ‘no plastic’ packaging policy. Renewable cork material makes up the advanced Hape finishes.