Develop Imaginations and Creativity with Schleich Figurines in NZ

If you have a toddler of three and up, they are ready to develop their imagination further with stimulating toys. You can visit our Christchurch store or order top-quality Schleich toys in NZ from The Playcentre Shop online.

First, let the little ones three years and older experience the highly detailed, hand-painted, beautifully crafted figurines made of non-toxic PVC with their eyes and hands. They are bound to start inventing scenarios their play animals may encounter in different worlds.

These durable, safety-tested vinyl toys pass European, USA, Australian and New Zealand toy industry quality standards. Our carefully designed Schleich toys fascinate little ones and help them envision planets created by the imagination and filled with critters.

Buy Famous Schleich Toys in NZ

Animals of all kinds enchant many children. Kids often have a special bond with and an interest in not only domestic pets but also reptiles, dinosaurs, sea creatures such as sharks and manatees, and wildlife like zebras, rhinos, and elephants. They tend to act out what they understand about human and animal relationships through play.

Doing so develops their reasoning, thinking, and fine motor skills, plus keeps them happily busy for hours. You may want to browse our delightful Schleich toy range and meet the beasties your toddler or pre-schooler would love to keep in their toy box.

These include a cute as a button sloth, a monkey and loveable cheetah, lion, and tiger cubs. How about farm animals such as a goat, cow, black bull, horse, donkey foal, or a rooster of many colours? We even have frogs, crocodiles, alligators, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex for youngsters partial to such and a rabbit, koala, and cats and dogs of all kinds.

Schleich in NZ and Other Toy Collections

We can courier any toys to your Couriers that can fit a box of 0.125m3 with a maximum weight of 25kg. We can organise a freight forwarding company for bulkier items. Feel free to call or email us if you have questions.

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101 results