Enhance Playtime with Our Puzzles for NZ Kids

Our comprehensive range of puzzles for NZ children made from non-toxic materials presents beautiful illustrations, vibrant colours, and stimulating textures to promote interactive playtime.

Age-Appropriate Puzzles for Kids

We go beyond the classic jigsaw options. Our knob and peg puzzles feature easy-to-manipulate pieces for babies developing fine motor skills.

Designed for toddlers, our chunky puzzles present educational themes like numbers and animals, assisting your child in discerning more detailed objects.

Frame puzzles form the beginner level for jigsaw building. The interlocking pieces feature sophisticated pictures and themes suitable for pre-schoolers.

3D kids' puzzles involve assembling a three-dimensional shape, targeting children six and up.

Learn Through Play with Various Themes

Choose from cultural, educational, and themed picture puzzles, each catering to appropriate stages of your child’s development.

178 results
178 results