Privacy Policy

At The Canterbury Playcentre Shop we respect and protect the privacy of our customers and casual visitors to our online store.

Information Collected

The online store gathers information about the visitors to our website to enable us to provide a secure service, process your order and enable us to review how the online store is being used. The visitor information gathered includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address, the web pages accessed, site registration details and purchases made.

Any information collected will only be used by The Canterbury Playcentre Shop and will not be shared with a third party, unless you specifically request it.

Online Security

Our online store uses an encrypted secure server when handling your account details and the information required at checkout. This means that any information exchanged on these web pages between your PC and our hosted Server is encrypted (scrambled) and current industry monitoring confirms that it is then impossible for others to make sense of that information or to steal it.

The Canterbury Playcentre Shop does not store your credit card details at all, but will forward it securely to the banking network. At present, a high strength encryption facility on your computer converts your credit card details into a format that currently is thought to be impossible to break into.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for protecting your Account access information to The Canterbury Playcentre Shop online store - please do not share your password with anyone else. Any orders placed with us on your online account are your responsibility.

Privacy Act 1993

By using our online store you authorise The Canterbury Playcentre Shop to collect, retain, and use personal information for identity verification and credit card transaction purposes and for marketing goods and services provided by The Canterbury Playcentre Shop.