10cm Numbered Bean Bag set


Set of 10 canvas number bags. These number bean bags include 1-10 numerals, words and dots for an endless range of counting and number games. Ideal for sequencing and counting to ten, making combinations to make 10 and so much more.

Just a few ideas: Let students create a number line by holding the correct number in order from 1 to 10, toss a bean bag to a student and let them say the number, create a target and let students throw the bean bag to the corresponding number, or create addition cards (for instance 3+4 or 6+5) and let students find the bean bags and yell out the answer while they throw the bean bags in a laundry basket. There are many other games to play! Bean bags are a great resource to develop gross motor skills. Especially for younger kids, who might have difficulties in handling a ball, bean balls are an ideal resource because it doesn’t roll away. Ages 3+ years

Each set contains 10 bean bags, numbered 1-10 in English and dots.  The set has a variety of colours within it.

Each Bean Bag is 10cm square.