Baby Bath - Klein


The pleasure of bathing begins with this bathtub: Doll parents can either bathe many of their little kids at the same time or treat their large dolls to a bath. The tub made of high-quality plastic feels good, is stable and does not get in the way of any fun.

  • The stylish baby doll tub for loving doll parents who want to put their children to bed freshly bathed
  • Dolls up to 50 cm in size fit into this tub
  • The pink bathtub is made of high-quality plastic 
  • Children can use the doll tub for role play and for developing their empathy, imagination, and motor skills
  • Made in Germany I Spiel Gut Award I Dimensions: 51 cm x 15.5 cm x 28 cm I Suitable for children above 18 months