Cut and Build Stonehenge - Discover Science


The Cut-and-Build Stonehenge Kit includes everything you need to recreate the archeological wonder in all it’s glory.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in England which was built by a culture with no written records. This makes the reason Stonehenge was built and how it was constructed still debated to this day. The now ruinous monument is aligned towards the sunrise on the summer solstice.

The arrangement of Stonehenge consists of an outer ring of vertical sarsen standing stones (each weighing around 25 tons!) which are topped by horizontal lintel stones. There is a smaller ring of bluestones inside the outer ring followed by free stranding trilithons.

By using the included hammer and chisel to cut and trim the posts and lintels you can follow the instructions to assemble your own Stonehenge for display in your home.