Hape - Green Planet Eco-Camping Set


Explore the great outdoors with this fun camping playset. It consists of a tent and two sleeping bags, cooking utensils and the necessary equipment to clean up the forest. Using the rake and grab tongs to pick up the trash and throw it in the bin encourages kids to keep the environment clean and take care of it. It is great for encouraging imaginative play and storytelling, which in turn encourages children's development. This product is made from FSC-certified wood and plant-based Green PE plastic. This set includes a variety of camping, cooking and orienteering supplies. This set includes a tent, two sleeping bags, a felt mat, a campfire, a recycling bag, a rake, tongs, seven pieces of trash, a photo camera, two barbecue skewers, a flashlight, binoculars, a compass and two wooden figures with hats. The stand-up figures have movable limbs and can hold the accessories included in the set.

For ages 3+ years