Happy Hen Activity Box - Classic World


This charming Hen Activity Box offers a multitude of engaging functions that children love. It includes a basic xylophone for creating musical melodies, bead coasters for tactile exploration, gears to spin, and a shape sorter to enhance shape recognition skills. The box is thoughtfully designed to provide a diverse range of play options, ensuring hours of endless fun and learning.

Adding to the excitement, the Hen Activity Box features a detachable wing rattle, providing an interactive element for children to enjoy. They can play with the rattle while engaging with the various activities, fostering sensory development and enhancing their ability to explore and interact in a dynamic way.

This activity box is a fantastic tool for practicing hand-eye coordination and refining fine motor skills. Children will delight in manipulating the different elements, engaging their senses, and developing precise movements as they play and discover.

Crafted with child-friendly materials, the Hen Activity Box is designed with safety and durability in mind. It offers a sturdy and engaging playtime experience for children, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and learning.

Encourage your child's imagination, creativity, and skill development with our captivating Hen Activity Box. Watch as they immerse themselves in interactive play, honing their hand-eye coordination, refining fine motor skills, and experiencing the joy of discovery.

Dimensions: 31.5 x 26.7 x 42.5 cm
Age: 18mths +