How Kiwi Saved the Forest - Magnetic Story - Teacher Talk


The forest is in danger and the birds are the only ones who can save it. What will the Kiwi do to save the day? TeacherTalk Ltd is a privately owned and locally run education hub for early childhood educators, teachers and individuals alike.


  • TeacherTalk aspires to capture the essence of what it means to be a child growing up in New Zealand and all of their teacher aids reflect the kiwi culture and way of life.
  • Each image is printed on card and laminated with a small magnet on the back. Story included.
  • Each legend comes in a flax kete to keep everything together easily.
  • Includes: 7 laminated images for the story, each with round magnet on back, flax kete, legend
  • Illustrated by Xoë Hall.

Suitable for ages 4 & up