How Maui Found his Whanau - Magnetic Story - Teacher Talk


The epic adventures of the legendary demigod Māui start the day he is born. The tides sweep Māui to the shores of his ancestor who will teach him all he needs to know to find his way home again. TeacherTalk Ltd is a privately owned and locally run education hub for early childhood educators, teachers and individuals alike.


  • TeacherTalk aspires to capture the essence of what it means to be a child growing up in New Zealand and all of their teacher aids reflect the kiwi culture and way of life.
  • Each image is printed on card and laminated with a small magnet on the back.
  • Each legend comes in flax kete to keep everything together easily.
  • Includes: 7 laminated images for the story, each with round magnet on back, flax kete, legend
  • Illustrated by Xoë Hall.

Suitable for ages 4 & up