Peek-A-Zoo - Smart Games


Peek-A-Zoo, I see you! Can you find all the animals? Stack the blocks correctly to match the image!

The zoo-animals love playing peekaboo! Can you spy with your little eye where these fun-loving animals need to go? Choose a challenge and try to stack the right cubes as shown on the challenge card. Peek-A-Zoo is a great educational game for preschoolers to practice language skills, and learn about colours, animals, and concepts as above, below, inside and outside. This educational game is made of qualitative, durable cardboard and is easy to store and take with you wherever you go.

With multiple play options, little ones can follow the picture challenges and try to stack the right cubes as shown on the challenge card to spy the animals or let their imagination run wild while they stack and play. Either way, little ones will love playing peek-a-boo with the cheeky giraffe, fabulous flamingo and cute lion as they stack the different-sized blocks. The game includes five cardboard blocks, one cardboard lid and 48 picture cards.

Suitable for Ages 2+

Skills involved: Spatial insight, Language, Problem-solving, Concentration, Logic