Rat a Tat Cat card game - Gamewright


The aim of this game is to have the lowest number of points when the game ends. It is a beginners strategy game and is suggested for 6yrs+. Each player is dealt four cards which they place facedown in a row in front of of them. The remainding cards are placed in the centre and the top card turned over to create a discard pile. Each player may then sneek a peek at the card on either end of their own row. Players must remember what cards they have in their row whilst they pick up and discard or swap cards to accumulate the cards with the lowest values. When you think your cards have the lowest values, call rat a tat cat which allows the other players to have one more turn before all cards get turned over to discover who has won. A few twists are added with power cards which allow players to Sneak a peek, draw two, or swap one of their cards for that of another player. Uses memory and basic maths skills. For 2-6 players. Playing time: 5 - 10 minutes per round.REVIEW: I highly recommend this game. I have played it with a seven, nine and eleven year old, all of whom found it very easy to learn and loved it immediately. It is a beginners strategy game with lots of laughs when the power cards throw a spanner in the works. As a parent, I like that this game can be played successfully by different aged children without the oldest always winning and that a round or two can even be played while waiting for the potatoes to boil. But watch out! It is a bit addictive. I would say that the recommended age of 6+ would be about right.