Rhyme & Reo: aeiou - Jessica Ngatai


Celebrating te reo Māori, one of the official languages of Aotearoa soon to be released Rhyme & Reo: aeiou.

This book aims to help teachers, parents and children to learn and have fun with te reo Māori.

Passionate about te reo Māori, author Jessica Ngatai says: “I love to hear people giving te reo a go. I meet lots of people who are really keen to learn and speak te reo, but haven’t had the opportunity to learn the basics, or lack the confidence to try at all.”

Rhyme & Reo will help people build confidence to use and enjoy te reo with their children and whānau. This delightfully illustrated book features quirky Kiwi poems, which weave reo through the English text, with explanatory notes on the pronunciation of the vowel sounds appearing in a side-bar on each page.

These fun rhymes are designed to help readers learn the correct pronunciation of the basic vowel sounds used in te reo Māori. Getting these five basic sounds right will enable readers to try any Māori word with confidence.