The Sacred Urge to Play - Pennie Brownlee


The Sacred Urge to Play is all you could want from a book on children's play. It is a book to read, to dip into - and most of all, to use. A guide book to play for parents and teachers of young children from 0-7 Within the pages of this book you’ll find all you need to make play central in the lives of your own children and/or in the lives of the children you teach 

• The role of play in a child's brain development

• The role of emotional nurturing as the foundation for play

• Recognising and supporting the universal patterns of play

• Play as the agent to unfold a child's intelligence

• Play and literacy

• Setting up an ideal environment for play to unfold ... and much more.

​Written by Pennie Brownlee with Kimberley Crisp, The Sacred Urge to Play is informative, very practical, inspirational - and it will take you for a trip down memory lane for good measure.